Arelys Bellorini

Global advocate on human rights, gender and justice

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Global advocate on human rights, gender and justice. Senior expert on children and young people’s rights. 

From a young leader and activist, I transitioned into a professional career on global and national advocacy and policy in development and humanitarian context. Diplomacy and influencing global and national policy change as well as advancing programmatic implementation of policies are central to my professional expertise. It is my passion and commitment to contribute to improve the lives of children and young people who are at a disadvantage in a world of marginalization and inequality.

I am convinced in the power of partnerships to bring about changes to the rights and well-being of people. Thus, I have developed a strong expertise on working in partnerships with Civil Society organizations from across sectors and themes, including in the context of multi-stakeholder or cross-sector ones.

During my professional career, I have worked at a global level as a diplomat serving at the United Nations leading on social, humanitarian and cultural affairs as well as development issues. Additionally, as Civil Society, leading on national programmes strategy and implementation, emergency response and humanitarian action as well as representative at the  UN Headquarters.

My work as a diplomat and Civil Society representative at the UN Headquarters have further developed my expertise at international and multilateral affairs. Furthermore, my expertise at a national and sub-national level have developed my strategic and operational thinking on linking these levels to a global setting to a necessary continuum in order to develop global agendas responsive to national contexts and vice-versa, as well as national agendas responsive to global sustainable development efforts.

It is my belief that the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and its Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are the current blueprint for humanity. Therefore, my engagement in the process leading up to its adoption and the first five years of its implementation and tracking progress have amplified my expertise. SDGs are part of my passion and commitment because I am convinced they do offer an unprecedented opportunity for global collective action for the people and the planet.

I am a frequent speaker and moderator at the UN and events where I advance strong advocacy and strategic thinking related to Civil Society issues.

After holding many executive positions, I can share that what I have enjoyed the most is leading teams with strong experience in their field and their deep commitment to what they do. Together we have achieved great outcomes for development, for children and their communities around the world.